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Storm Jedi Praxeum is a school and there will be work. Please keep this in mind, before, during and after the enrollment process. Get it? Got it? Good! Anyway, this enrollment process requires a little more work than the old one but please do not be detered. It's still rather simple.


Just send me an e-mail at and include the following information.....


1) Name (Doesn't have to be your real name but I'd prefer it not end in Kenobi, Jinn, Skywalker, solo or heaven forbid....Binks!)

2) Gender(Only 2 choices here.... I think)

3) Age(Optional)

4) E-mail address (if different from the address your sending the e-mail from)

5)Describe yourself (Does not need to be true... make it fun if you want.)

6) Why do you wish to be a Jedi? (No, I am not buying that Obi-Wan is your father or that you want to save Naboo.)

7)If lightsabers were real, what color would yours be?

8) How did you hear about the praxeum?

9) Have you ever had any Jedi training? (Please give references such as the e-mail of the person who conducted the training or whatever, and above all...... please be honest. This does not mean that you will be magically jumped up to Knight or anything like that but does allow me to see if you have learned anything in the past.)


Well folks, that's about all. Just send me an e-mail with all of the info. Sorry for the inconvenience. Remember........