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This is the alternate version of the main page that has had A LOT of the graphics removed and the font changed to allow users with slower computers or who don't have the particular font to use the site as well. To go to the regular version (if your computer can handle it) go HERE

After A Great Length Of Downtime, Storm Jedi Praxeum is finally going to be back up. I apologize to all who enrolled and got no response. I still have ALL of your e-mails and will do my best to respond to you as soon as I am done getting things ready. Thanks for understanding, and I hope to see all of you who enrolled.... and more. I look forward to working with you all.


Welcome To Storm Jedi Praxeum. The Storm Jedi Praxeum works to create a learning environment for those interested in the ways of the Jedi and the Force. There is actual work that takes place here so if you do not have a serious mind then you have more than likely come to the wrong place. The staff of Storm Jedi Praxeum shall work hard to create the best learning environment possible. Please keep an open mind and serious mind at all times. That does not mean that this can't or won't be fun but there must be some degree of seriousness. Thank You!! ---- Jedi Master Justin Storm ---



Allow me to make clear my beliefs on the true nature of true everyday Jedi. While I understand that there are little or no people in this world with true abilities like you may see in the movies it is the belief of the staff that there are true everyday Jedi in that true sense of the word. We understand that few or no people can levitate objects, and that as of yet the lightsaber has yet to be invented, the Jedi are indeed real. If what I just said makes you laugh, snicker or contort your face in confusion then you are obviously in the wrong place. ---Storm Jedi Praxeum Staff---



First Floor


Gathering Hall


Second Floor

Training Hall

Lecture Hall

Third Floor

Jedi Masters

Jedi Knights


Top Floor


Study Area

Outer Buildings


Hall Of Fame


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