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Jedi Masters

These are the people who have proven to everyone that they are worthy of the most honorable title that this praxeum is allowed to bestow upon them. Few people have ever truly achieved this goal. Many pretend that they have and some places give this title away like candy. This is a very prestigious title and I will not see it mocked the way some sites do. That is why this site will never be aligned with another site the so readily hands out the title of Jedi Master until the student has proven that they are worthy.

Do not get me wrong. Even Jedi Masters such as I, are not at the pinnacle of their training. I learn something everyday. I am constantly going to other sites and learning as much as I can. It is my belief that this time in my training is when I am learning the most and that there truly is no limit to what you can learn. I've even learned a lot of stuff from my own students. So please look upon this title as something of grandeur and as something that only those with the deepest commitment can achieve.


Justin Storm

Jedi Master Justin Storm!! I am the Dean of Storm Jedi Praxeum, as well as the namesake. I've been training in the jedi arts for 8 years and have trained in the martial art known as karate for 10 years. I was trained in the way of the jedi by Jedi Master Teb Denicolais and since the very day I began my training, I have never stopped learning......whether it be from other masters, other sites or even from my own students. I am still very much a student of the Force and probably always will be. I am the type of Jedi who lives for the moment and is more oriented in the presence then in the future or the past. I've trained several students one-on-one but I feel that my skills are far better suited to beginning a student's training at my school and then sending them off to be trained one-on-one by a praxeum approved Jedi Knight or Jedi Master. I am but a simple pathway to their true potential.